3 Things they never told me about homeownership

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As I purchased my first home I was kind of excited. Inviting friends and family over as if I just had a newborn. It’s sort of similar in many ways yet, of course, different as well. Slowly I realized what was never told to me.

1. Create a budget- With your rent money comes a landlord or property management yet with a house comes a mortgage and the responsibility of upkeep. At an  apartment we can sit back and say well I’m paying you for this apartment  and this is broken. Fix it or I’ll take it out of my rent money.”  [note to reader, this may not be legal in your jurisdiction – SA]

Owning a home taking it out of your mortgage payment can cause you to get behind on your house payments. I know it’s easier said than done, but you must allocate a certain amount of your income for home repairs and maintenance. This is not for upgrades this is just to keep your house healthy.

2. Create a contact list – Build your knowledge and a list of contacts who you can rely upon and trust.   When business is slow there are more fly-by-night companies and they will smell fresh blood.  To avoid being caught in their scams, always ask people you know for a contact.  If you don’t know plumbing you should have a best friend who is a plumber. Even if they’re not doing the work they can provide you with pointers and valuable advice.

3. Create a schedule – PREVENTION is the key. You must stay ahead of home maintenance otherwise everything will crash at once. There’s no such thing as rainy days; YOU ARE GOING TO SEE A TSUNAMI unless  you constantly do a little home maintenance [I schedule one major project each year PLUS 3 or 4 easier-to-handle projects – SA] .

Give yourself a schedule and always keep an eye out for what is wearing out or something that is occurring which is out of the ordinary.

Keep a running checklist so you know what was done and what has not been completed.   Also you can push priority items up and down the list as you begin to better know your property.

Take care of your property (constantly) and it will be good to you!


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