Wedgwood Blue Returns

Last seen in the ’80s, classic Wedgwood blue deserves a comeback in today’s homes. Here’s how to take it in a new direction.

Poor Wedgwood blue. It fell in with the wrong crowd in the 1980s, and it’s still trying to distance itself from its peach- and mauve-checkered past. Yet with an updated palette and a contemporary sensibility, this much-maligned color — which takes its name from the iconic 18th-century pottery company that introduced it — feels reborn.

Rich, dusty blue is a hot paint color for 2012. And because Wedgwood is just a short jaunt away on the color wheel, the time is right for its star to rise. Check out these beautiful, totally fresh interpretations.
I could stare at this vignette all day. Deep Wedgwood feels so elegant and rich in this space, and the interplay between its warm and cool notes — thanks to the wood-frame chair and silvery table — provides a stunning balance.
A hint of texture gives new depth to an old color. Gray-blue grass-cloth walls in this entry feel dignified yet far from stuffy.
Painting porch ceilings blue to mimic the sky is a Southern tradition. For me, this one evokes those flawless summer days when the sky has the clear, pure blue of a flame.
Trend, meet trend. Yellow is another big color this year, and combining it with Wedgwood puts an updated spin on both hues.
Simply gorgeous. With its coffered ceilings, heavy millwork and white furnishings, this space feels like a real-life version of the porcelain that gave Wedgwood blue its name.
In a similar vein, white dishware looks doubly luminous against a dusty blue painted pantry. How great would it look in an otherwise white kitchen?
Subtle blue walls lend depth to this living area. They’re so restrained that they read as neutral, yet they infuse more personality than cream or beige would have done.
contemporary bathroom by Fluff

I’m wild about this take on subway tile. Choosing blue instead of white and stacking it in a grid instead of staggering it make for a modern, unexpected approach.
Is that a Wedgwood-blue accent wall I see in this chic, contemporary space? Yep. I also love the dash of orange on the sofa, which complements the blue perfectly and jolts the space to life.
Blue is layered to lovely effect in this compact kitchen. The pale hue on the walls helps to reinforce the stronger one on the cabinetry, with the backsplash tile strip tying the two together.
Bright turquoise chairs and accents really rev up a Wedgwood-blue room. They pull out the blue notes and tone down the gray ones in the wall color, giving the space a completely mod spin.
.    by Lisa Frederick

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