Make Your Entryway Inviting

 From a single chair to custom built-ins, these 8 seating options for your entryway will start your home’s style off on the right foot

Entryways are the first rooms in our homes guests see when visiting. Because of this, many of us go to great lengths to make them beautiful. We buy lovely artwork, mirrors and expensive rugs, and even place fresh flowers on tables to make a good impression.Yet along with being beautiful, entryways should also be functional. What’s the one piece of furniture every such space needs? A chair, or perhaps a bench. The idea is to offer a comfortable place to remove shoes or to perch when the conversation gets really good.
A single chair in this entryway beckons guests in. It’s a good example of the fact that you don’t have to be fussy and over the top or spend a lot of money to make your entryway inviting.
An antique church pew makes for perfect entryway seating. Pews can be painted to match your décor and are narrow enough for snug spaces.
If you’re planning to have a unit built in, don’t forget about storage. This one has storage above for seasonal items such as hats along with room beneath for shoes. The nice, soft cushion is a bonus.

A matching pair of chairs looks lovely in this large, open foyer.


If your entryway lacks space, take note of this image. The matching ottomans tuck neatly away but provide additional seating when needed.

This built-in unit has a contemporary look and drawers for storage.

Even the grandest entryways need seating. This pretty upholstered bench fits right in with the stately feel of the space.
Tiny entryways don’t need to skimp on seating. Perhaps a pair of wooden stools is just what your small foyer needs.


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