Have blue & white pieces, as I do? Here’s some ideas for displaying them.

   Simmie Annandale-Realtor, BPOR -Northeast Cincinnati


There’s a place for classic blue-and-white porcelain in nearly every room in any style house. Whether in a large collection or a few well-placed pieces, this popular color combination is easy to incorporate,…
Make a powerful statement in the entryway.Try putting a grouping like this in a hallway or nook that is particularly difficult to fill.A pair of ginger jars like the one on the right side of the table is one of my favorite things to give for a wedding. The sweet pea vines symbolize “forever” and “many children,” while the main decoration is a shuang xi character which is the symbol for “wedded bliss.” It’s a great way to think outside the registry.

Convert urns or ginger jars into lamps. Lamps are a good way to incorporate a touch of blue and white that isn’t too overpowering. There’s no reason to search the globe for a matching pair; if you stumble across pieces you love, it’s so easy to have them converted into lamps. I did it a few years ago with a pair of ginger jars, and they look fabulous.
Dine like George Washington.Blue-and-white porcelain was the place settingof choice at Mount Vernon. Colorful china gives the table an eye-catching pop between meals.These place settings match, but a blue-and-white collection that doesn’t can be great, too. Stories about where you found each piece make for a perfect conversation starter during a dinner.

traditional dining room by Kathleen Burke Design

Replace that silver tea set with blue-and-white porcelain.  When it comes to blue and white, this dining room is perectly done.  The porcelain provides a punch of color in an area that is usually reserved for a silver tea set.

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