The importance of a kitchen

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Simmie Annandale-Realtor-Northeast Cincinnati  shared the following

Real Estate News And Advice – Kitchens Sell a House

This one room is the showpiece of the house. You’ll see it every day and your guests will see it during most visits. This means buyers want homes with up-to-date kitchens.

Kitchens, however, can be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. These projects can also be the most labor and time intensive of all home renovations. It’s not just a new layer of paint.

This means buyers may want a home with an up-to-date kitchen but they aren’t willing to tackle this problem themselves. Most buyers want a kitchen that is ready to use the day they move in.

The main thing to remember as a seller is to not price yourself out of your market. If homes in your neighborhood are selling for $100,000 with tidy, but not luxury kitchens, then this is no time to upgrade to granite, travertine, and marble at the price tag of $40,000+. You simply won’t find a buyer (who will make up for the investment you’ve put into your house).

Use open houses in your area or MLS listings to find out what your competitions’ kitchens look like.

If you don’t want to put in the time yourself to make upgrades then you’ll have to make concessions in the price.


Your realtor will know the competition and what is usual and customary in your area; he or she can offer good advice to help you determine what your kitchen needs to help make the sale. — SA

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