I’m really home!

Do you have a trusted realtor; your partner in your

quest for the right home?  Someone who’s only goal

is for you to say,      “I’m really home!”?

Here’s what you need in a Trusted Advisor.

RELATIONSHIP:  To earn your trust, your realtor needs to have a relationship with you.  A real relationship requires the participants to care about each other.  Is your realtor a caring friend?  If not, seek a realtor who will invest “caring” (not just time) into the relationship.

http://hounddogs.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/friends-comment-023.gif   LIFETIME COMMITMENT:  There are some hard-working agents who work hard only for the sake of the transaction.  You need someone who considers this friendship a lifetime relationship.  Yes, that’s right; your realtor should be your friend for life.  Someone who is always there.  What better evidence is there for trust?

CREDIBILTY:  Oh sure, you do want to work with someone with a track record, who has successfully closed real estate deals.  There is credibility in that.  However, you want to see credibility through honesty and integrity in everyday experiences.  Does your friend exhibit ethical behavior in relationships with others?  You’ll only know this if you have a relationship.

RESPONSIBILITY:  If this realtor has closed deals and gotten people to closings, isn’t that showing responsibility?  Yes and you still want to see more than that.  Does he volunteer in the community, take leadership roles in organizations?  How about this:  When he finds himself in a pickle, is he quick to become angry and blame others?  Or does he admit that there could be a miscommunication and work to get it resolved?  That’s the person you want on your team.

You do expect a hard-working professional.  But without the other characteristics (traits of character), you’re not likely to get the results you need from your Realtor.  Take the time to interview at least a couple of individuals.  Get to know someone before you really need her.  It won’t take very long to learn if she:

  • Wants to invest in a RELATIONSHIP
  • Is with you for the LONG-TERM
  • Garners CREDIBILITY in life
  • Exhibits RESPONSIBILITY in all involvements, and
  • CARES about you.

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